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I know I suck at updates. Sorry. I did just get the mobile DA app so I will be posting more often.

Quotes and large commissions are closed, but feel free to ask if you have questions.  If I open for quotes I will post on all my media sites. Lately I've been mainly posting to my Facebook ( if anyone wants to follow more daily progress work. Small items can be found on my etsy (

I may be moving again here in a couple months but it should be my first long term house and I'm excited to finally settle down somewhere permanent. I'm also taking Master classes and so that's eating up my time as well. As much as I would like to take more commissions, I need my personal time too.

Thanks for sticking with me even though I only post a few times per year.…

Stellaradopts are having a giveaway for a custom character design. Check it out :)
Hey guys,
Since it's been so long I just want to catch up on whats going on with me and my art pages.

Since I last made a mascot suit its been.... 2 years? And I would love to get back it. I'm still around checking messsages but I haven't had much in the way of costume progress since I moved into a small apartment to return to school.  However, I have been doing small project for sale on my Etsy and veeeeery slowly been working on cosplay items.…

My current plan is to move to a bigger house after graduation this spring and then /hopefully/ get a larger work area for my crafts and things! If all goes well I will open for a small, tiny amount of costume commissions. If anyone is interested, stay tuned and check back and I'll be posting on all my media outlets: FB, DA, FA ,LJ, Tumblr, etc.

I do check my messages on all these sites still if anyone has any questions just send me a PM.
Thanks for sticking with me

I'm excited to announce Rozestudio( artwork by myself ToriRoz, and my sister)
will be hosting a booth at Jafax 2014.  The convention runs June 21-22 at GVSU in Allendale, MI. The convention is free to attend and I hope some of you can stop by and say hi! 

I will be selling:

Perlers, mostly pokemon, large and small sprites, plain and as magnets and keychains

Mega Ring bracelets

Pokemon card charms, keychains, and necklaces

My sister will also be selling:

Handmade plushies, foxes and ponies

Quilted handbags

Pokemon themed cross stitches

Plus anything else I can scrounge up between now and then. 

Commissions are available for some items for pick up at the con. 

I hope to See you there.

I've migrated to Facebook for updates on my costumes: ToriRoz Facebook, though I will try to post here more often.


I'm opening for perler commissions.  Visit my Etsy for available sprites. 
general prices, may vary based on size and complexity
Small 16x16 (8-bit items, pokedolls): $3 or less 
Medium 29x29 (pokemon menu sprites): $7

large 60x60 (pokemon battle sprites): $40

Jumbo, greater than 40x40 pixels. ask
+ shipping (about $5 in the US, can combine shipping)
Note me for quotes. Link me sprites or give me character and I can search for game references.

I am selling my wolf link quad for anyone interested.  Asking $600 + 150 shipping in the US.… This was the most recent outing with him.  He is a traditional quadsuit, made when I was a beginner, so is a fixer upper but still usable.  He doesn't get as much love as he deserves.  

DF fur, very soft
Follow-me resin eyes
arm stilts made with crutches, with floppy front paws
Rubber mat paw pads
vision out the neck
Size 7.5 feet paws
Made for 5'6" female, upto 160 lbs.
Tail attaches though belt
Head built on bicycle helmet and supported with bungie cords to user's belt

Feel free to ask questions.  I am not accepting payment plans at this time
I know I don't really update my journals much, but I figured this would be a good time to let you guys in on what is going on in my life. A lot will be changing very soon, and I am not really sure of what will happen to everything here on DA and the future of my costume work and commissions.

I am graduating college here in two weeks (WOW that went fast!), and I am currently applying for graduate schools across the country.  It is very likely that I will be moving very far away to complete my studies, and everything is very up in the air right now.  Currently I am applying to several Florida schools including Florida International University for their Master's program in Biology, and by the conversation I am having with one of the professors it sounds pretty promising.

As for my costume work, I don't really want to drop it entirely, but as time goes by it seems like I will need down grade significantly.  I may be moving into a tiny apartment with no space for any of my fur and foam.  Most likely all of my supplies will be packed up and put into storage for many years to come, and while I don't want that (mostly because it will ruin all my fluffy fur) I don't really see any other options.
I will of course continue to keep an eye on my DA and will try to bring some smaller projects with me.  I have one more fullsuit commission that I will be finishing before I move.  I might continue making thing, just on a much smaller scale, size wise, not production time, as I barely finish anything as it is!  Mostly I will try to make pre-mades, masks, eyes and possible handpaws, ect.   What would you like to see up for auction?  What type of small items would you be interested in?  Lately I have been cranking out small plushies for my nieces and nephews for Christmas, and I might sell similar items as well.  I quite enjoy the change of pace, and my next big project is nearly devoid of fursuit- type crafting.  

TL-DR: I'm moving super far away, and severely downgrading my production and closing commissions.  Premades may be available once I settle down again.  What would you like to see for sale? Big or small.

SIDE NOTE-To those who are working currently, fulltime or as a hobby:
   My friend helped me to polish my resume and she decided that it would be a good idea to include my costume "business"  in there and also add all the awards I have won at conventions.  The first response from the professor at FIU,

"..... I did a quick Google search on your name because I was interested in your work experience with costume design.  The youtube videos of your work are very impressive; you are clearly very artistically talented.  I bet those skills could have some kind of interesting and surprising application in a science career.  ....."  

I was dumbfounded! I didn't expect anyone to care about my costume work when it has NOTHING to do with my studies as a zoologist, aside from the animal part.  To any everyone who is doing this type of work as a hobby, or full-time, keep up the good work, and don't forget to put that in your resume!!! Of course we didn't portray it as "furry fandom", but we did list it as business experience, working with customers, keeping records, and "costume design".  It might not be much, but it definitely sounds awesome on my resume :)
Too much crap that needs to be figured out in my life and its really stressing me out. Progress on commissions is going much slower than I had anticipated, which means less time for personal/freetime work.  The croc suit is nearly done, and I can't wait to get my airbrush out again.  I only need to figure out the body suit pattern and do all the scaling and airbrushing.  After that I have another fullsuit commission that you guys will really love.  Waiting on fabric and supplies so I can't really start it yet, and I feel guilty working on it before the croc is done.  Youmacon is creeping up on me, and I really want to get toothless fixed up for it, but I just want to burn him to the ground at the moment, as he is falling apart from my lack of care in the bodysuit progress.  I feel like all my work was for nothing, as he is impossibly large and a pain in the rear.  He barely fits in my eclipse with all the seats down and no passengers! Also, I need to finish zekrom for the masquerade, and I need to plan my skit ;-;  he only has arms at the moment, and hopefully I can finish him in a timely manner so I'm not up at 4am finishing him on the hotel room. That happens at every con, and I'm sick of it. If its not my suit its someone else's, who was too much a procrastinator that I have to finish it myself.  I also am collaborating with my sister to make an awesome suit that will hopefully be up for auction in the next couple months.  For you My Little Pony enthusiast, you might want to save your pennies ;)   (sneak peaks to come in the next week or so) Besides all the costume work, I still have grad school to figure out DX everyone keeps asking me what I'm going to do with my life after I graduate, and I honestly have no clue!

Announcement(kind of), I'm seriously thinking about not taking commissions anymore, and instead doing more masks in my free time(after the current projects of course) and doing ladder auctions if I feel like doing full suits.  This way I will be more inspired by each suit and less bogged down with deadlines. They really stress me out. There are plenty of other awesome makers out there that do awesome commissions, but I am definitely more of a hobbiest than a professional.  My commissions only cover my hobby costs, and I would like to not have to stress out about them any more.

With finals week coming up and I'm leaving on another study abroad for the whole month of May.  Not sure if I will have internet at all, so and notes will be answered when I return in mid June.  Slow progress has been made this semester.  I took the same amount of classes as normal, but they were much higher level than I was used so I was really bogged down with study and homework.  After June though, I don't have any plans until fall semester so I hope to get my commissions finished and some work on my personal projects.   My toothless quad has been in the works for two years, and has been sooooo close to being done since december, but I haven't had any time to work on it! I really want it done for Jafax in June, so hopefully I will find the time I need to do the final touches before then.
~~~~Commission projects~~~~
mask- 90%
feet- 90%
body- 30%
tail- 0%
handpaws- 20%

Lucario: 0% planning in progress

~~~~Personal Projects~~~~~
Toothless: 98%
Zekrom: 25%
Large commissions and quotes are closed until further notice.
Just a heads up, I will be reopening for quotes and commissions in early January.  I wanted to give enough time for those interested to gather references.  If not ordering an artistic liberty commission,  please have a full turn around reference, with front back and side views. I reopen for quotes on January 4th, but I will NOT give them out before then.  I will be taking only a few commissions, 2-5 depending on what they are, and the wait time will be MAX of one year (just in case I need it, but most likely only a few months).  

If you have any questions before I open, please feel free to ask.
Please read my Terms of Service, located here… ,  don't be intimated, it is only to protect me and my commissioners.

Updated base prices are listed below, cost increasing with complexity.  Priced in USD, does not include shipping.  I ship international.

Foam head base: 100+
Completed Mask: 400+
Hand paws: 70+
Feet paws: 90+
Tails: 30+
Partial (includes everything but bodysuit): 700+
Fullsuit: 900+
Quadsuits: 2000+

Bottle cap fish: 200+

I also could do many other projects, such as fake taxidermy, or carved foam base plush, but all other projects would need to be priced on a case by case basis. (ask for a quote).

Commissions are not first come first serve.  I will be choosing the projects that I think will best fit my style.
I'm going to have a little extra time over Xmas break and I really want to make a mask just to put on ebay to see what my stuff is worth.  What species/creature mask would you be willing to buy and how much do you think is a good amount for my work?  When my commissions reopen in a month there is going to be a huge increase is price, as I now know (somewhat) what I am doing and about how long things take and a good aprox of cost ect....  This way I can get a feel for what other people think my work is worth, but it will only work if it is a species that people want.  

So.... What mask would you buy?
I'm thinking:
-husky/wolf ect
-big cat
-lizard something?

I don't bite! I promise :3
I'm cleaning out my fur stash, check out my post here… if you are interested.
Selling 9 types of fur, 13 CATS tails, and scraps.
I'm back from Youmacon 2011.  It was a fantastic weekend!  My family and friends pranced around in cosplay and had tons of pictures taken of us. I won Best Journeyman Craftsmanship at the masquerade.  It was very surprising because the competition was super amazing and I didn't think there was any way that I could win, but my competitor from last year was bumped up to Master rank, and the judges gave me more points for handsewing my costume (at least that what I assumed it was, the other costume was so incredible!… )  But I met some amazing people and we had great conversations about costuming, which I have never had with anyone who actually knows what I am taking about XD  

Anyways, now I'm in the after-con-slump and trying to get as much homework and such done so I can get back to costuming.
Signed up for Forumspring.  Stop by and ask me any question you want, and it can be completely anonymous ^_^
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Leinir- 100%, to be shipped
Alligator- 80% foam complete and teeth installed
Gin- 75% foam complete
Skallox- 0%
Afghan hound- 1% eyes painted
Bebi Oozaru- 0%

Personal progress:
Zekrom- 10%
Toothless- 5%

Livestreams last weekend went very well and I will be doing more of them. I will post when I will be streaming.…

For sale:
follow-you eye blanks, 15$ unpainted, 20$ painted + shipping
box of foam scraps- 10$+ shipping. pieces average fist size or larger, white and green uphostery foam
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Livestreaming for the 3rd day in a row!…
Starting at 12:00pm EST I will be starting the Gin (blue akita) mask.

Come join me if you want to ask questions, find out how I make masks, or just to hang out.


Commission progress:
Leinir- 100%
Alligator- 80%
Gin- 0%
Skallox- 0%
Afghan hound- 1%
Bebi Oozaru- 0%

Personal projects:
Zekrom- 10%
Toothless- 5%
Current %'s
Leinir: 90%
Alligator: 45%
Gin: 1%


Its Labor day weekend coming up and I have settled into my new place for school.  Everyone is going home this weekend so *hopefully* I can get a ton of commission work done :D   My plan is to finish Leinir and get work done on the alligator head.  I may be making some premade 3D follow eyes for sale. Let me know what colors would be good.

I may do a Livestream, but I'm not so sure how comfortable I am with that, but let me know if you are interested in joining me for long hours of sewing and foam carving  XD  My channel is… but I will post here is I am live or not
Current %'s
Leinir: Body suit 85%
Labwork (alligator): 40%
Letachita (Gin): 1%

I am making fair amounts of progress on my current commission, not quite as much as I had hoped for the summer though :(  I looked at the calender  today and find that I won't have much time to work until September.  Hopefully *fingers crossed* I will be much more productive during the semester, as it seems that I do better under pressure, and time management with my studies and commissions will most likely lead to higher efficiency ^_^

I might reopen small commissions in a few months for those interested, or make some pre-made items for sale. What types of items would anyone be interested in?  Could include anything really :/